Welcome to AWS NGINX Meetup – From Application code to Customer

Delivering modern applications has upped the needs to provide agile application services free from infrastructure constrains, while ensuring applications run faster, secured and at scale. Choosing the right architecture for application services allows organizations to innovate faster and role new services on any infrastructure or cloud architecture. From code development to customer consumption, NGINX deployed on AWS is helping millions of organizations deliver application infrastructure and services ensuring their application are fast, secure and run at scale.

Intro to the workshop

In this workshop you will experience how to deploy your application in an agile way, using NGINX utilizing AWS compute, applying all the application services needed, such as service mesh, API management and web application firewall in a fully automated way.

Deploy NGINX infrastructure using Terraform

Start by using automation and use Infrastructure as Code concepts to deploy the environment.

Increase availability, security and application performance with Kubernetes Nginx Ingress

  1. Monitor the application performance, discover issues and improve performance
  2. Authenticate users with OpenID Connect and offload authentication processes from the application to Nginx
  3. Zero Trust - Applying Mutual TLS authentication with NGINX


Secure you application with Nginx App Protect Web Application Firewall.

  1. Protect you application from fraudulent interactions and separate legitimate traffic from unwanted one
  2. Block unwanted Bot traffic to your application