App deployment

  1. Deploy the app
kubectl apply -f files/4ingress/1arcadia_delpoy.yaml
deployment.apps/arcadia-db created service/arcadia-db created deployment.apps/arcadia-frontend created service/arcadia-frontend created deployment.apps/arcadia-login created service/arcadia-login created deployment.apps/arcadia-stock-transaction created service/arcadia-stock-transaction created deployment.apps/arcadia-stocks created service/arcadia-stocks created deployment.apps/arcadia-users created service/arcadia-users created
  1. Check that all is deployed and working as expected:
kubectl get pods
NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE arcadia-db-696f979799-sdzb6 1/1 Running 0 36s arcadia-frontend-57ff4f888-v4ggh 1/1 Running 0 36s arcadia-login-c995f8dcc-7gvvp 1/1 Running 0 35s arcadia-stock-transaction-b996cddb9-xzckf 1/1 Running 0 34s arcadia-stocks-dd58548f7-k7tg7 1/1 Running 0 34s arcadia-users-768dddd844-8s75q 1/1 Running 0 33s
kubectl get svc -owide
NAME TYPE CLUSTER-IP EXTERNAL-IP PORT(S) AGE SELECTOR arcadia-db ClusterIP <none> 27017/TCP 74s app=arcadia-db arcadia-frontend ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 73s app=arcadia-frontend arcadia-login ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 73s app=arcadia-login arcadia-stock-transaction ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 72s app=arcadia-stock-transaction arcadia-stocks ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 71s app=arcadia-stocks arcadia-users ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 71s app=arcadia-users kubernetes ClusterIP <none> 443/TCP 7m2s <none>

The application is not accessible yet. We will deploy the NGINX Ingress in the following sections.